Accessibility Issues in Specialized Legal Genres on Immigration and Political Asylum. An ELF-based model

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Autore: Mariarosaria Provenzano
Isbn: 978-88-3613-156-3
Collana: Lingua e Società. Percorsi di studio / ISSN 2723-8962
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CollanaLingua e Società. Percorsi di studio / ISSN 2723-8962
AutoreMariarosaria Provenzano
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The present study aims to provide an updated and in-depth analysis of modern specialized legal genres dealing with Immigration and Political Asylum, in order to consider the main linguistic and discursive problems possibly arising in reading them and thus possibly affecting their correct interpretation. It has been assumed that the potential audience of the texts could be made up of a global audience of non-native English speakers and that reception problems could be determined by the contact dynamics involving divergent cultural schemata from the text producers’. Hence, the need to propose and apply reformulation or ‘intra-lingual’ translation processes, that are considered one of the main facilitating techniques for an International audience (mainly represented by immigrants and asylum seekers, but also university students required to access specialized academic-legal texts). The Critical analysis and then processes of reformulation are thus systematically applied throughout the Chapters so as to consider first the original text problems and then evaluate them in a cross-cultural perspective. Empirical testing of the analysis finally represents the ultimate stage of the work and aims to probe the ‘inaccessibility’ hypothesis advanced in the beginning of the study as well as the reformulations through ELF offered in the study.

Mariarosaria Provenzano holds a Ph.D. in Sociology of Migrations and Cultures from the University of Salento, with a thesis in English Applied Linguistics and Translation. Since 2011 she has worked as a Researcher and Adjunct Professor in English Language and Translation at the University of Salento. Her main research interests are: Legal Discourse and ELF, Critical Discourse Analysis, Economic Discourse and Intercultural Pragmatics. Since 2015 she’s an Associate at the Institute of Education (UCL, University College of London), where she concluded a post-doc project on hybridization processes in the language of finance in current cross-cultural contexts. She participated to many International Conferences on ELF and in 2019 in a PRIN project entitled “Uses of English as a lingua franca in domain-specific contexts of intercultural communication”. Among her recent publications are articles and Chapters published in the peer-reviewed journal “Lingue e Linguaggi”.