Change in Grammar: Triggers, Paths and Outcomes

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Curatore: Laura Biondi, Francesco Dedè, Andrea Scala
Isbn: 978-88-3613-175-4
Collana: Quaderni del Sodalizio Glottologico Milanese / 2785-1397
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CollanaQuaderni del Sodalizio Glottologico Milanese / 2785-1397
CuratoreLaura Biondi, Francesco Dedè, Andrea Scala
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The volume Change in Grammar: Triggers, Paths, and Outcomes, which opens the series Quaderni del Sodalizio Glottologico Milanese, is devoted to the study of the various paths of change that occur in a wide range of domains of linguistic systems, from phonology to syntax, including morphology and morphosyntax. The papers collected here analyse case studies from different languages, focusing both on the causes and outcomes of change. In this perspective, the volume aims to make a contribution to a better understanding of the complex mechanisms that govern language change.

Laura Biondi, Francesco Dedè and Andrea Scala are professors in Linguistics at the State University of Milan (Department of Literary Studies, Philology and Linguistics), where they teach Historical and General Linguistics.