Ten Centuries of Byzantine Prose

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A Selection of Greek Texts
Autore: Anna Maria Taragna
Isbn: 978-88-6274-417-1
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A Selection of Greek Texts
Ten Centuries of Byzantine Prose
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AutoreAnna Maria Taragna
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DescrizioneTen Centuries of Byzantine Prose
Gift of the Muses, remedy against oblivion, fixing and making solid what is fluid and raising it as upon a column for future generations: writing is an invaluable instrument, and in the written word, in the production and use of written texts, lies the truest sense of the millennial experience of Byzantium. Greek-medieval civilization is characterized by the presence of many, extremely different literary and documentary genres in prose, ranging from the recording and interpretation of historical events to the lives of the saints, from the expression of feelings to the transmission of intellectual values, from the revelation of the occult to the elaboration of rules for court ceremonial, for life in the monastery, for the acts of a basileus or a general, from documents and scientific texts to the finest products of literary excellence. In this book you can explore them and obtain an overall view of their wide variety, their relationship with tradition and innovation; works always useful to the reader, widening his knowledge, increasing his rhetorical, scientific or technical skills, and even his moral progress.

Anna Maria Taragna is Assistant Professor at the University of Torino (StudiUm. Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici), where she gives undergraduate courses in Byzantine Literature and post-graduate courses in Medieval Greek. She is co-director, together with E. V. Maltese, of the journal «Medioevo Greco», and editor in chief of the Byzantine section of «Poiesis. Bibliografia della poesia greca». Her main research activities concern Byzantine historiography of the 6th-7th centuries (Logoi historias. Discorsi e lettere nella prima storiografia retorica bizantina, Alessandria 2000, and various articles) and poetry, with studies and commentaries on George of Pisidia.