Aeschylus at Gela

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An Integrated Approach
Autore: Letizia Poli Palladini
Isbn: 978-88-6274-482-9
Collana: Hellenica / ISSN 1825-3490
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An Integrated Approach
Aeschylus at Gela
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CollanaHellenica / ISSN 1825-3490
AutoreLetizia Poli Palladini
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DescrizioneAeschylus at Gela
List of illustrations • Introduction • Chapter 1. Aeschylus and Sicily in the 470s • Chapter 2. Aeschylus goes to Gela • Chapter 3. The Persīa tetralogy • Chapter 4. Cretan women • Chapter 5. Carians or Europe • Chapter 6. Daughters of the sun • Figures • Chapter 7. A Creto-Rhodian tetralogy including Glaucus of the sea • Chapter 8. The Odyssīa tetralogy • Chapter 9. The anecdote of Aeschylus’ death • Chapter 10. Aeschylus post mortem • Bibliography • Index of things, places, individuals mentioned in the text • Index locorum • Index inscriptionum
What did Aeschylus do in Gela over the last three years of his life? Which plays did he compose for performance in that city? How did the legendary tale of his death come about? How was he regarded after death both in Gela and in Athens? This book is the result of investigation set in motion by such curiosity. In the absence of ready-made evidence, the author has adopted an integrated, i.e. multidisciplinary, approach which makes use of literary texts no less than historical, archaeological, epigraphical, and numismatic data. The speculative element inevitably involved in such a pursuit is counterbalanced by the broad scope of this investigation, which ranges from Rhodian identity to Siceliot politics, colonial myth-making,Tyrrhenian affairs, Adriatic trade, amber import, digestive habits of herons, diffusion of urinals, invention of the cottabos, Geloan turtle-shaped clay vessels, etc.

Letizia Poli Palladini holds a D. Phil. in ancient Greek literature from the University of Oxford. She has published articles on Aeschylus. She teaches ancient Greek and Latin in Italian high schools; she is also Associate Fellow of the Department of Classical Studies, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, US.