Collected Letters («Epistolarum Libri» XLVIII)

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Curatore: Jeroen De Keyser
Autore: Francesco Filelfo
Isbn: 978-88-6274-603-8
Collana: Hellenica / ISSN 1825-3490
Collected Letters («Epistolarum Libri» XLVIII)
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Numero in collana54
CollanaHellenica / ISSN 1825-3490
AutoreFrancesco Filelfo
CuratoreJeroen De Keyser
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DescrizioneCollected Letters («Epistolarum Libri» XLVIII)
The numerous Latin and Greek letters written by the prolific Italian humanist Francesco Filelfo (1398-1481) not only grant us insight into Filelfo’s own intellectual endeavours and his frenetic literary journey between East and West. Addressed to the most prominent humanists, prelates and rulers of his age, the epistles, in which Filelfo so enthusiastically displays his erudition and ambition, are also an important source for early modern history. Spanning half a century, Filelfo’s letter collection is an idiosyncratic assemblage of diverse epistolary genres, juxtaposing short memos to close friends with lengthy and learned philosophical essays, warm recommendation letters with virulent pamphlets. Many letters move freely between subjects, intermingling practical matters, literary allusions, philological detail and caustic comment on contemporary politics. This critical edition of Filelfo’s complete canonical letter collection in forty-eight books offers historians as well as literary scholars access to Filelfo’s vast oeuvre, and through it to the multifaceted world of Quattrocento humanism. Documenting the various previous editorial stages that the epistolarium underwent, this edition of Filelfo’s Collected Letters is primarily based on the final, authorised redaction as it is preserved in manuscript 873 of the Biblioteca Trivulziana in Milan, a collection of over two-thousand letters written between 1427 and 1477, established by Filelfo himself and transcribed under his supervision.

Jeroen De Keyser studied Classics in Ghent, specialized in Medieval and Renaissance Latin in Florence and holds a PhD from the University of Turin. He is currently research professor at KU Leuven. His main research interests include Quattrocento Humanism and the transmission of the Latin and Greek literary tradition in the Italian Renaissance, as well as Cicero and the history of rhetoric, and Latin epic poetry, historiography and epistolography. He has previously published Filelfo’s Traduzioni da Senofonte e Plutarco, Alessandria: Edizioni dell’Orso, 2012; On Exile – Commentationes Florentinae de Exilio, Cambridge, MA-London: Harvard University Press, 2013; and Sphortias, De Genuensium deditione, Oratio parentalis and Polemical Exchange with Galeotto Marzio, Hildesheim-Zürich–New York: Georg Olms Verlag, 2015.